benjaminrobyn-jespersen tree planting in the woods

Tree Planting Ceremony

The Tree Planting ceremony is for those who want something different to symbolize unity. It is a very special ceremony to provide a constant reminder of the love that was pledged in the wedding ceremony. Planting a tree to celebrate a marriage is an ancient tradition that is shared by numerous cultures around the world. It is also a ritual that is catching the eye of modern brides who are looking for a novel twist on the candle or sand unity ceremony to symbolize their newly intertwined lives.

In addition to writing the words for the ceremony, you will need to gather two small buckets of dirt, preferably from a significant place. This can be the spot where you got engaged or from your childhood homes, where the ground has already been fertilized with love. For a picture-perfect snapshot, decorate two garden trowels and a watering can with your wedding colors.

Opt for a clear pot so that the guests can witness the combining of the soil. You can choose a more decorative container once the sapling grows larger.

Although most couples choose to perform the tree ceremony alone, many have asked their parents, attendants or guests to participate as well. After the bride and groom add the dirt and water the plant together, others can add their own scoops of soil, sprinkle in wildflower seeds or deposit slips of paper with their marriage wishes.

This is a beautiful way to include your young children into the ceremony or to symbolize the blending of two families. Also, the type of tree has meaning. Maybe one where you first kissed or a location that you love.

This is a special time so be willing to spare this event with family. Everyone can get involved with planting the tree if it is an outdoor ceremony.

Note: Each special wedding has a fee of $100 for the Officiant’s costume and specific ceremony and is paid at the time of booking.